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HISTORY...or where it all began.

It all started when my Dear Aunty Barbara (really a second Cousin), added a Whippet to her family.

Minnie was elegant, and serene, a silver-fawn, who captivated my heart. From that moment I knew that this was the breed for me.

Barbara, circa 1955, with Butty, the “Frenchie”, Bimble, the Boxer,
And of course, Minnie the Whippet.

My family was not in a position to keep dogs when I was a child, so as soon as I was in my own home, a Whippet or three were added!

By this time I was married with baby Twins, so my family was complete!


Left: Foundation
Bitch, Endora of

Right: The Twins,my
Darlings, Kerry, and
With (left to right)
Endora, her daughter
Stasie; Mandy, and